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The most exciting part about my results from the Protein Pantry system was on my last physical. My blood panel at age 69 was PERFECT! Cholesterol came down to normal, and blood sugar was 82, and all other points were perfect on my blood work. My blood pressure which had been high upwards to 150s and 160s was 110/60. I was able to stop eating sugar and processed foods due to the blood sugar leveling effect of the Protein Pantry shakes. Also, the Protein Pantry Complete Nutrition Multivitamins are the best I have ever taken --- really they are. They are organic I noticed by ingredients and they are easy to take, easy to digest and just simple. I love it. I do feel so much healthier. I had a low blood sugar problem my whole life which led to me eating sugar and getting badly addicted to sugary processed foods. Now I have conquered that. This has been the best diet program ever and I tried a few. None sustained my blood sugar like this one does. This really saved me so I showed this system to a good friend with high blood sugar and it lowered her blood sugar right away.
Clearwater, Florida

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